2-3 axes manipulators

Main features

DAMO SRL manufactures multi-axis Cartesian manipulators, consisting of their own linear axes and rotating axes, for the following systems:

  • Palletisation on lines and end of lines for packaging.
  • Feeding and handling on machine tools, assembly machines, warehouses and automatic systems
  • Tightening and dispensing for resining, gluing and spreading.
  • Positioning of appropriate tools for mechanical processing, removal, marking, welding, spot welding and riveting.

Operational dimensions, capacities and dynamics required of the manipulator are fully met thanks to the careful integration of adequate linear units.

The linear unit composing the vertical actuator can be a single linear module or, based on loads, also a telescopic linear module.

2 axes

3 axes

Dimensioning of single-axis,
2D multi-axis and 3D multi-axis systems

Dimension your system