Linear units

Main features

Guides and Runner Blocks
The linear guides and runner blocks are caged ball screws, guaranteeing sliding movement, better lubrication, silence and longer duration. The runner blocks can be equipped with an additional sealing gasket, for applications where the work environment is particularly polluted by fine dust that could compromise the duration of the sliding components, which can all be lubricated from outside. A lubrication kit can also be installed for some units to maintain a constant level of lubrication on the runner blocks and guides.

All the profiles of our linear units are manufactured to design owned by DAMO Srl, to meet the main requirements. The profile is in anodised 6060 extruded aluminium, with high mechanical characteristics and resistance to bending and torsion and with tolerances in compliance with standards UNI 3879. The profiles are equipped with slots for threaded nut insertion, to fasten the accessories or for fastening and interfacing of the units. On request, the profiles can also be manufactured in heavy steelwork.

The carriages of the units are obtained from 6082 aluminium laminate, mechanically machined on all sides and surface treated, with natural oxidation. The carriages were designed and manufactured to allow lubrication from outside of the runner blocks and screws.

Transmission type


The toothed belts are in polyurethane, reinforced with steel strands and surface coated to reduce noise and friction. Therefore allowing operation at high speeds, with high efficiency and low noise.


The screw units are equipped with rolled and/or ground screws, with ISO5 and ISO7 level of precision, guaranteeing high precision and high axial thrusts. The screws can be lubricated using greasing nipples on the carriage.


The racks used are helix toothed to guarantee precision, silence and speed. They are hardened or hardened/ground, with Q6 and Q7 level of precision. The racks can be automatically lubricated by equipping the carriage with a specific, felt pinion and lubricant dosing unit.

Dimensioning of single-axis,
2D multi-axis and 3D multi-axis systems

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